The Kurds led the fight against ISIS in Syria. Now, as America plans to withdraw, these U.S. allies face an existential threat from their neighbors and a growing insurgency.

(Cover, International Edition, April 12, 2019.)

As America argues about the country’s perimeter defenses, Iraq and Syria grapple with a wall of their own, one that’s keeping people safe—and tearing them apart. Our writer journeys across the divide.

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In Syria, thousands of bodies are buried in shallow graves around the city. How one group is using Facebook and Google Earth to identify human remains and rebury them where they belong.

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Iraqi forces have killed thousands of Islamic State fighters. In death, what do they deserve? Seeking answers in the ruined city of Mosul, Kenneth R. Rosen unearths a terrible crime.


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When the grid goes out, the gray market generators power up to keep the wifi running and the laptops charged.

I thought I could escape my jail kid past in an idyllic southern city. But trouble found me, and not everyone I knew got out alive.

Holland is home to a thriving community of journalists and bloggers who cover criminals and the drug trade. Those writers are often targeted by their subjects—and so was Martin Kok.

"Lands of Metamorphosis" columnist and contributing writer on the Middle East.