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The mind-blowingly ambitious plan would have seen Delta Crescent, a tiny Delaware company, bring peace and stability to the war-ravaged northeast of Syria.


To cope with the uncertainty and sadness over my mother-in-law’s death, I set about building a four-cylinder superbike.


American volunteers joined western allies in the fight to dismantle the Islamic State in Syria. What happened when they came back?

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I once bought a bulletproof vest to keep me safe from ammunition, but these days, what would keep me safe from other people?


Feltre, in northern Italy, is the ideal town for those who are interested in shutting out the rest of the world. As the coronavirus spreads in the country, its residents are now trying to do exactly that.

(American Society of Journalists and Authors COVID-19 Writing Awards, Honorable Mention, Personal Essays)

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As America argues about the country’s perimeter defenses, Iraq and Syria grapple with a wall of their own, one that’s keeping people safe—and tearing them apart. Our writer journeys across the divide.

(Featured on PRI's The World. Finalist for the Livingston Award in international reporting and for the Bayeux Calvados-Normandy Award.)

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In Syria, thousands of bodies are buried in shallow graves around the city. How one group is using Facebook and Google Earth to identify human remains and rebury them where they belong.

(Featured in Longform and the Gadget Lab podcast. Finalist for the Livingston Award in international reporting and for the Bayeux Calvados-Normandy Award.)

Iraqi forces have killed thousands of Islamic State fighters. In death, what do they deserve? Seeking answers in the ruined city of Mosul, Kenneth R. Rosen unearths a terrible crime.


(Winner of the Bayeux Calvados-Normandy Award for War Correspondents and a Clarion Award.

Finalist for the Livingston Award. Featured in Longform.)


"Lands of Metamorphosis" columnist and contributing writer on the Middle East.